Shoot Yourself With Dustin Dollin


There have been multiple sightings of our favorite pile, Dustin Dollin, on the streets on West Coast and the East Coast. He's been all over LA and was spotted on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, on Melrose down the block from Brooklyn Projects, and around the corner from Hollywood High. Up north, Dustin was spotted by the Berkeley Park, down the block from Huf, and, not suprisingly, in the Mission. Then we started getting calls from New York, where Dustin was seen laid out up the block from Supreme, lounging by the TF, and barely able to crawl into The Fish. We just got a call from Amy at KC/DC that Dustin's passed out by the train station in Williamsburg. We're really psyched to have Dustin in the US, but we need some evidence that he was here this summer! If you're game, track down Dustin, shoot a photo of you and Dustin and send it into and save your full name as the file name of your photo. Each Monday in July the photo's will go into the Shoot Yourself...with Dollin Gallery. At the end of the month, the most hilarious photo will win a year supply of Dustin's new shoe, the No Skool Tre, a digital camera, and Dustin's I-Pod. The 2nd Runner Up will win 2 pairs of the No Skool Tre, a disposable camera, and a walkman. The 3rd runner up will win a pair of the No Skool Tre, a sketchbook, and some airplane headphones.
Good Luck and get snappin'!

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