Tony HAwk Throws HIs hat in the pool !!!


Today is a historic day!
After 6 years of Pro-tec Pool Parties we are proud
and honored to announce that or the first time ever Tony Hawk will be entering Saturday's
7th Annual Pro-tec Pool Party at the Vans park in Orange, CA.

After confirming his entry Tony went on to say,
"To be clear: I never said I was retired; the media did. I've been wanting to skate the Pro-tec event for a while, but I was either out of town or hurt over the last few years. To me, the Pool Party event symbolizes how far skating has come, where legends and modern skaters ride together in an iconic pool. Just hoping I can still do my Upland lines..."

Watch Tony and all the PTPP coverage live on Vans. Action begins at 3pm Saturday.
This is a private skate industry event. No tickets will be sold, so the only way to see all the skating is on the live webcast!
And be sure to enjoy Chris Nieratko's play by play, color-commentary on Vans' Twitter feed.


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